Feeding equipment ebu Umformtechnik

Feeding equipment is manufactured by the ebu Umformtechnik in top quality thanks to extreme precision, rigidity and stability for use in combination with ebu Unformtechnik presses but also with presses from other manufacturers.

Ebu Umformtechnik feeding equipment is made for exact unwinding, straightening and feeding the strip

  • width of about 10 mm – 2,000 mm
  • thickness of 0.2 mm - 10 mm
  • coil weight up to approximately 35,000 kg

For larger dimensions, guide elements such as bridges and guide tongues are automatically part of the feeding device in order to introduce the strip from the unwinder to the leveler and the leveler to a shift so that the strip from the roll can be introduced into the tool in the press without any manipulation by the press operator.

According to the technical circumstances and customers‘ wishes,  the feeding equipment by ebu Umformtechnik comes in various degrees of automation and repeatability of settings.

Full professional service through exclusive representation is ensured in the Czech and Slovak republic  for the whole range of ebu Umformtechnik products.

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