KTI Schwingungstechnik

KTI High-Tech spring damping elements with viscous safety damping, German manufacturer

Spring damping and isolation antivibration spring pads, spring block, spring dampers, spring damper, plate KTI against vibrations, shocks, impacts and oscillation.

We offer high quality products for the control and insulation against vibration, shock and oscillating movements. Irreplaceable particularly in places with great weight and strength forces but with limited space.


High-Tech spring damping of the new generation, with a viscous damping security are an excellent solution especially for:

Machines with fitful way of working

  • heavy mechanical presses and hydraulic presses up to 30,000 kN
  • forging presses up to 15,000 kN
  • forges with impact energy up to 400 kJ
  • blasting machines up to 500 t

Machines with a periodic manner labor

  • turbines with a power output of 300 MW
  • pumps, blowers
  • mills
  • a cylindrical grinder with grinding length to 20,000 mm
  • test sites and varvariable speed spins
  • suspension of buildings up to a weight of 2,000 t

Other applications

The German company KTI is a leading global manufacturer of spring damping storage.

Its products are known not only for their high quality and reliability but also for their longetivity.

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