Pressing machines, mechanical presses

The company PRESSENTECHNIK Ltd. has been an important partner for the past 20 eyars supplying mechanical presses either single column or two-column, transfer presses, servo presses with servo-press technology, stanzautomats, machines with manual loading, frame presses, C presses, O presses, C presses H presses, open presses, presses with a closed frame, high-speed presses, with a feeding device, presses with transfer, presses with stacking, machines for handling blanks, eccentric presses, hydraulic presses - single column or double column, hydraulic C presses and hydraulic frame presses and other pressing machines.

Pressing machines

The company Pressentechnik Ltd. provides the Czech and Slovak market with supply and authorized service delivery of all these presses and accessories.

A,ong our customers are particularly important suppliers to the automotive industry. We offer them not only reliable fulfillment of business obligations but also qualified solutions in top quality fulfilling any requirements.

Years of experience and constant professional development firm have placed Pressentechnik Ltd. among the best in the field. Our pressing machines will not disappoint you.