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Servo-press modules VM

Pressing power: 15 to 250 kN

Number of strokes/min max. 850

The optional variable speed during one work cycle enables a high optimization of the molding process. Constant pressing power is available throughout the entire route of the ram. Deep-drawing proces The Mabu servo-press modules allow oscillating mode which means that the path length of the ram corresponds exactly to the pressing and feeding process. The cyclic process of the ram is not required. Lift height is freely programmable, as well as clamping tools. Servo drive is directly connected to the crank shaft, eliminating the care of the clutch and flywheel. Pressing Mabu servo modules are built as a single unit and can be incorporated as segments within any other production process. The tools used for Mabu pressing servo modules can therefore be much simpler and cheaper. Mabu pressing servo modules are produced as units in different sizes so their use is highly economical.

Servo-pressing modules VM are extremely rigid, stable and accurate making the company Mabu-pressen the absolute top in its field.

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