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Frame mechanical presses, CNC-molding machine VS

Pressing force 120 – 1,000 kN

Number of strokes/min: max. 1,200


  • Frame mechanical presses with CNC punching machine are manufactured by MABU Pressen in a split cast structure, drawn twice by prestressed anchors. Special drive only causes tensile and compressive forces, not bending forces.
  • Changing the stroke of programming is fully automatic with a constant bottom dead center.
  • Adjustment of the ram is fully automatic, programmed with an accuracy of 0.01 mm.
  • The eccentric shaft is mounted in roller bearings.
  • A complete kinematic rotational and oscillatory balancing mas sis used for presses over 1000 strokes/min
  • The press ram is guided by 16 press rollers with ball-play guideway, with double knee-lever mechanism for perfect process and a significant eccentric loading.
  • With vaseline lubrication, the molding machine is virtually maintenance-free.
  • MABU presses are equipped with the latest CNC programmable control which, despite the extreme speed of the stamping machine, registers actual values. This procedure is user friendly with graphic visualization and control via touch panel.
  • Absolute precision and extremely short time for the tool change makes MABU molding machines economically highly attractive.



These presses are extremely rigid, stable and accurate placing the company Mabu-pressen at the absolute top in its field. Frame mechanical presses usually have feeding mechanisms for feeding the strip, thus unwinding stack, straightening and feeding.

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